Canadian Environmental Law Collections

Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) has been part of the environmental law sector from the very beginning, and is one of the few organizations with a deep understanding of how rights and privileges we enjoy today came into being. CELA knows how hard-won those victories were.

CELA also knows how fragile gains are and how easily they can be lost. One of the driving forces behind the creation of the CELA Foundation was a desire to protect and document the history of environmental law and environmental decision-making. 

Today, the CELA Foundation maintains digital and physical collections that document the history of environmental protection across the country. Some come from CELA’s historical records. Other collections were rescued when their original online homes were shuttered. The archive reflects work by government agencies, watchdog authorities, nonprofit organizations, lawyers, and many of the country’s most influential environmental advocates.

This Month’s Feature from the Archives…

The Fate of the Great Lakes – Sustaining or Draining the Sweetwater Seas?

This report from 1997, co-authored by CELA and Great Lakes United, addressed chronic and emerging issues impacting the sustainability of the waters of the Great Lakes.

Resource Library

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CELA Archive

The Foundation hosts the CELA Archives, which preserve CELA’s history for the environmental community in digital format.

The fonds reflect CELA’s traditional areas of focus and include CELA’s publication series.

Environmental History Program

The Environmental History Program reflects the Foundation’s work to curate and make available environmental law history and resources to the public.

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  • Environmental Beginnings
  • Reports of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s office
  • Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy
  • Ontario Drinking Water Advisory Council Annual Reports